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Tips for choosing the right HDTV for your home

There are endless options for High-Definition TVs these days, and choosing the right TV for your home depends on several factors. Here are the basics of buying an HDTV.

Plasma TVs are considered to have the best black levels, can be viewed from almost any angle, and don’t have any issues with motion blur, which can be distracting when you’re watching a fast-moving picture, such as sports or an action movie. The main downside for plasma is the glass screen, which can pick up a lot of glare if placed in a bright room with many windows.

The biggest selling point with an LCD TV is brightness—unlike plasma, you’ll have no issues viewing an LCD TV in a bright room. The downside is poorer black levels compared to plasma TVs, problems with viewing angles, and possible issues with motion blur. You’ll want to buy an LCD with a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz if you want to avoid motion blur.

Many HDTVs now come with built-in streaming video apps, such as Netflix. If you don’t already have a device for streaming video content (such as a video game console, a Roku, or Apple TV), consider spending a little extra to get a TV with those features.